Sunday, November 16, 2008

News...but no newsletter...yet!

Hello everyone!
The newsletter is now slated to come out in December. However, we do have some news! Eric has been accepted into SMAT (School of Missionary Aviation Technology) in Michigan. In August of 2009 he'll start his one year A&P program and maybe even work on a float plane rating! Exciting! We both know it's a big move across the country for us, but it'll be great especially since we were planning on downsizing anyway and the cost of living there is considerably cheaper than here. So we'll be just fine for a year! Hooray!

We'll probably move in late July or August and just drive across the country to Michigan. Right now we are both working at our jobs and getting the house ready to sell. We think having this letter will give us the motivation needed to get the house done. :) We know that often times it's hard to sell a house in winter, but we have until next summer to sell it. We trust in God's timing and that He'll provide the right buyer for our property and maybe someone who wants our cat! :)