Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April Update!

Sorry for taking so long to update the blog. We've been and continue to be busy but we wanted to keep you updated on our progress. Here's the short of it, we will fill in the details later.

  • Eric got a job as a software engineer at a company in Washington. 
  • We found a place to rent in Everett, Washington only about 30 minutes from Eric's work. 
  • We are moving May 5th from Oregon to Washington.
  • After we move, we will continue to come back to Oregon on the weekends to fix up the house.
    • Once we fix the house up, we plan on selling it. 
  • Once we're settled, and get all the necessary things accomplished (Washington drivers licenses, car license plates....etc) we will start in on working on the things we need to work on before our return to MAF.
  • We are continuing to seek God's guidance for what ministry we are supposed to be in (whether it is MAF or something else) during this time and will keep you all updated as we go! 
That's the short of it! We'd love continued prayers for our health and for things to go smoothly in this transition. We have a facebook page for those who have Facebook. Join us! It's located here:  Check us out!

Thanks again for all your support. We really appreciate it!

The Reeds