Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gestational WHAT?

Okay so I kinda knew this day was going to come, but was kinda in denial. I got my test results back from the gestational diabetes test yesterday and turns out, I do have it. Bummer. So tomorrow I call to make an appointment to get educated on what I need to do to help myself (and Lily) through this period. If I play my cards right, it'll only last about a month after Lily is born and then it'll go away. I think of it as an opportunity to continue to eat healthier low sugar, low carb foods. It's just a way to kick start that right?

I also learned that I am anemic again. This I knew a few months ago, but no one would believe me. So I get to take iron pills for that.

It'll be interesting going on this journey of gestational diabetes, I am not sure how it'll affect my plans for Lily's birth, I still have more researching to do and praying to do to think about what's best for the both of us.


Eric's eye

I was having doubts as to the knowledge the walk-in doc had and how he was treating Eric's eye issue, especially since I read the literature and his diagnosis made no sense. So we asked around and got an appointment for a second opinion. Boy are we glad we did. 

Turns out Eric has a different type of eye that heals up differently and is shaped differently from the normal eye. Which completely explains his inability to wear contacts comfortably. But that's another topic... Basically Jenna made a LARGE tear in his cornea. He does NOT have a corneal ulcer. With his type of eye the flap of skin bunched up. If we had continued in the line of care the walk-in doc suggested, Eric's eye would not have healed well and it could have seriously scarred. Which means he could have had really bad eye issues. This doc straightened out the flap of skin and put a protective contact over it. He also prescribed a couple different types of drops for Eric to use. The idea is that on Monday, when Eric has his follow up appointment, he'll get the contact off and continue in the healing process, but hopefully most of his vision will be restored. Right now he can see out of the eye, but it's extremely blurry. The doctor also immediately recognized that Eric's eye has a condition that explains why it's been irritated off and on for years and there's an actual treatment for it. If this eye mishap hadn't happened, we would have never known. 

So we thank everyone who prayed and continue to ask you to join with us in prayer in the healing process. We thank everyone who quickly gave a suggestion on where to go as well, it really helped us out. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The first part of the day

So I just posted on what happened the last part of the day, I'd like to post about the first part. Last night was kinda brutal with Jenna waking often screaming/crying for some random reason. (We think she might be sick, but aren't sure.) She ended up sleeping with us which meant that we got hardly any sleep.

This morning I woke up at 5:20 or so to get ready for the day. Driving to Kirkland from our house can be a traffic nightmare so I wanted to make sure that I got out early. I got to the hospital for my glucose screening in plenty of time, actually too much time because I was waiting outside the lab for a good 10 minutes before they opened.

I got in right away and the nurse gave me a choice of three drinks: orange, lemon-lime or fruit punch, all of which were nasty she says. I of course already knew this because of the first pregnancy. I chose orange because I thought that was the one I could stomach the best. It's a good thing I chose it because towards the end of the 10 ounces I was fighting being sick. I sat down in the "Quiet Room" in a recliner and pulled out my electronics to have the two hours begin.

Across from me was the room where the rest of the pregnant women would come in, make their choices and then leave to find their seats. There was one lady who chose to sit in the same room I was in. She pulled out her literature and began to read. I won't go into detail about what she did because I wasn't really staring at her the whole time. :)

Eventually we began to chat and I learned she was a first time mom. It was nice because for the first time, I was the one who had weathered the storm of the first born child and had advice and experience to share. I told her not to believe the tv and movies version of labor, it's totally bogus and meant to frighten you. I encouraged her to continue to read up on things to help her feel in control and calm. She reminded me of how I was with my pregnancy with Jenna. Reading up on anything she could find and doing anything she could to prepare.

One thing I told her that I wasn't told, is how important it is after the baby is born to seek out other mom groups for support. Once the hubs goes back to work, it can easily feel like you are alone. Finding a good mom's group not only gives your kiddo friends, but you as well. I learned she was a believer and encouraged her to see what her church offered to meet moms within her own church too.

Talking with this mom made the time go by super quick. It was wonderful. Such a blessing. I feel it was much more worth while than playing Candy Crush (Yes... I fell prey to that!) and attempting to read when I am exhausted. It was fun to talk with the nurse too when I was getting blood drawn because she had various experiences too. I just love getting to know new people and hearing their stories. :)

What a day (Kristine)

   Crazy Crazy day. Got my glucose test done, got groceries and came home right after my daughter had accidentally poked my husband hard in the eye. (I think she fell into him or something.) So immediately I had to go into action finding some place to take him to get it looked at while comforting a crying toddler. Got all the gear packed for the toddler, got the eye looked at by a doc, picked up pain meds, got the hubs and daughter to rest/nap.

      He's got what the doc calls a corneal ulcer, which is basically a large tear in the front of his eye. (Forgot to cut those little fingernails) The doc said for him to take the pain meds, wear the eye patch all day today and take it off tomorrow morning. Then we'll see whether his vision has improved by 80%. If so, then we see on Friday if it's completely healed. If not, then it's back to the doc to see what else needs to be done to repair his vision.

    It was funny, earlier as we were picking up his pain meds I told him, "See, I think I can handle two kids now" and his reply was something like, "Actually you are getting a third kid." LOL I guess I am, I guess I am. It's just amazing to me that in a crisis my brain takes over and gets the job done even though I might be exhausted or ready to nap.

   Meanwhile I am looking outside at this beautiful weather and dreaming about going on a road trip. Kinda bad timing for the hubs to get an eye injury. I was hoping he might be able to take a little time off work to spend with me (and Jenna), but this isn't how I pictured us spending time together. Guess I better find some sun glasses for him if I have hopes of going anywhere this weekend! It might be time to invest in a water table for outside and some play gear for Jenna to utilize on nice days. :)