Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What a day (Kristine)

   Crazy Crazy day. Got my glucose test done, got groceries and came home right after my daughter had accidentally poked my husband hard in the eye. (I think she fell into him or something.) So immediately I had to go into action finding some place to take him to get it looked at while comforting a crying toddler. Got all the gear packed for the toddler, got the eye looked at by a doc, picked up pain meds, got the hubs and daughter to rest/nap.

      He's got what the doc calls a corneal ulcer, which is basically a large tear in the front of his eye. (Forgot to cut those little fingernails) The doc said for him to take the pain meds, wear the eye patch all day today and take it off tomorrow morning. Then we'll see whether his vision has improved by 80%. If so, then we see on Friday if it's completely healed. If not, then it's back to the doc to see what else needs to be done to repair his vision.

    It was funny, earlier as we were picking up his pain meds I told him, "See, I think I can handle two kids now" and his reply was something like, "Actually you are getting a third kid." LOL I guess I am, I guess I am. It's just amazing to me that in a crisis my brain takes over and gets the job done even though I might be exhausted or ready to nap.

   Meanwhile I am looking outside at this beautiful weather and dreaming about going on a road trip. Kinda bad timing for the hubs to get an eye injury. I was hoping he might be able to take a little time off work to spend with me (and Jenna), but this isn't how I pictured us spending time together. Guess I better find some sun glasses for him if I have hopes of going anywhere this weekend! It might be time to invest in a water table for outside and some play gear for Jenna to utilize on nice days. :)


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