Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gestational WHAT?

Okay so I kinda knew this day was going to come, but was kinda in denial. I got my test results back from the gestational diabetes test yesterday and turns out, I do have it. Bummer. So tomorrow I call to make an appointment to get educated on what I need to do to help myself (and Lily) through this period. If I play my cards right, it'll only last about a month after Lily is born and then it'll go away. I think of it as an opportunity to continue to eat healthier low sugar, low carb foods. It's just a way to kick start that right?

I also learned that I am anemic again. This I knew a few months ago, but no one would believe me. So I get to take iron pills for that.

It'll be interesting going on this journey of gestational diabetes, I am not sure how it'll affect my plans for Lily's birth, I still have more researching to do and praying to do to think about what's best for the both of us.


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