Thursday, May 2, 2013

Eric's eye

I was having doubts as to the knowledge the walk-in doc had and how he was treating Eric's eye issue, especially since I read the literature and his diagnosis made no sense. So we asked around and got an appointment for a second opinion. Boy are we glad we did. 

Turns out Eric has a different type of eye that heals up differently and is shaped differently from the normal eye. Which completely explains his inability to wear contacts comfortably. But that's another topic... Basically Jenna made a LARGE tear in his cornea. He does NOT have a corneal ulcer. With his type of eye the flap of skin bunched up. If we had continued in the line of care the walk-in doc suggested, Eric's eye would not have healed well and it could have seriously scarred. Which means he could have had really bad eye issues. This doc straightened out the flap of skin and put a protective contact over it. He also prescribed a couple different types of drops for Eric to use. The idea is that on Monday, when Eric has his follow up appointment, he'll get the contact off and continue in the healing process, but hopefully most of his vision will be restored. Right now he can see out of the eye, but it's extremely blurry. The doctor also immediately recognized that Eric's eye has a condition that explains why it's been irritated off and on for years and there's an actual treatment for it. If this eye mishap hadn't happened, we would have never known. 

So we thank everyone who prayed and continue to ask you to join with us in prayer in the healing process. We thank everyone who quickly gave a suggestion on where to go as well, it really helped us out. 

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