Friday, December 19, 2008

Soon very soon!

Hello to those of you who are new to this blog! Soon...very soon... we hope to have the newsletter out. In fact, the very next post will be...The Newsletter. We've been working hard on finishing up some lose ends with ministry applications, which is why it's taken us so long to get it out to you. We apologize for that, and can pretty much promise that it hopefully will never be six plus months before a newsletter comes out again. :)

Lately we've been enjoying the snow/ice days. Kristine has had the full week off from work because of the weather. Which has totally been a blessing because it's allowed her to organize the house some more (She's been dying to do that!) and get some Christmas gifts made. Yes, she's decided to make some fun gifts with her sewing machine. She figures the more she can figure out on the sewing machine and with the knitting and crocheting, the easier it will be when we have kids and she wants to make something for them. (No we are not pregnant...just wanted you to know!)

Mr. Gibbs keeps waking us up in the morning with his meowing. We know he wants attention, but we just haven't the time to give it to him. Does anyone want a cat? He's free....seriously... he comes with all types of accessories and we'll even pitch in for a bag of cat food and litter. We can't take him with us when we go to Michigan and we'd hate to put him in a shelter.... He's gotta be the only kitty though cause he loves attention and man... having another cat there would take that way from him! Plus he's got a cat-only disease called FIV. It's non-transmittable to humans.. so no worries about that and we even doubt sometimes if he even has it because we haven't seen any signs of it at all. So yeah...tell your friends... there's a cat named Gibson who's up for grabs!

We hope to be able to visit some of you in the upcoming months before our move across the country. We know that God has a huge plan in store for us, we just need to continue to be faithful and to trust in His guidance in our life. It may not make sense to friends and family for us to sell our house, many of our possessions, and leave our jobs to follow the call Christ has placed on our lives but when God calls... you gotta answer!

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