Friday, January 30, 2009

Update :)

We want to try to update you as much as possible about our journey and everyday life on this blog. So it's time for a bi-monthly update.

We are starting our New Testament Survey class in February. This class is a correspondence course through Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. In case you aren't sure what correspondence courses are then we'll explain. These courses are taken through the distance learning program. The materials are sent to us via the mail and we have six months to complete them. Usually these courses consist of two tests and two papers. When we complete them we send them in via postal mail.

So as you can see they are very different than online courses and allow us to have ample time to complete them. Hope that helps you in understanding our courses!

We are still working on the house and hope to be able to list it by the end of February or middle of March. Please keep us in prayer that our house can sell before we leave for Michigan. If not then we'll need to rent it while we are away. So prayer for guidance would be awesome.

Eric's still working on his instrument rating training and is making progress. He should be able to complete it by the time we move this summer.

Well that's it for now! We'll update more later. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

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