Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Job Searching again....

It's that time again....time to look for teaching jobs! Kristine still holds out hope to get a teaching job somewhere in Washington or Oregon so that we'll have good income while Eric goes to school full-time in an AMT (Aviation Maintenance Technician) program. This time of year is typically when the school districts post their new jobs for next year. Unfortunately because of the economy and lack of funding in the districts, there are very very few job postings out there.

This has led Kristine to apply for teaching jobs near AMT schools in WA as well as Oregon. It's still our hope and goal that Kristine can get a job in Oregon so Eric can go to Portland Community College, but we have to be able to financially make it while he goes to school. Kristine is also looking into other types of employment as well just in case she doesn't get a teaching job again.

So prayers for us during this process would be much appreciated and are vital to help us make the best decision possible regarding where to live and work.

God Bless,
Eric and Kristine Reed

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