Thursday, September 2, 2010

Getting Closer!

Hello! We've been a bit neglectful of this blog, but will work harder to keep it more up to date. In two days Kristine will be due with our baby! She's trying everything she can think of that's safe to help encourage the baby to come out, but the little one kinda likes it in there. We both are really ready for the baby to come out. We have the house pretty much clean, the baby room done, car seat in the car, our bags (and baby's bag) packed for the hospital and grandparents are on stand by in Oregon and Washington. :) Eric's had to work extra hours at work because of a work project, so he's ready for a break too!

Ministry at Church
Lately both of us have been thinking more about ministry and getting involved more at church once the baby is born. We know this sounds silly to some of you, but we really enjoy helping out at church, especially in the Children's ministry. Because things were so up in the air with when we were going to do the tech eval for MAF and the baby coming, we didn't want to make commitments we couldn't fully keep. With the baby we feel more "grounded" and ready to make longer ministry commitments while we are here in Oregon. Plus we really enjoy the Children's ministry at our church, it's got great women and men serving in it.

BSF Starts up Again!
We both are excited that BSF is starting up soon, so we can start studying Isaiah with our groups. Kristine will most likely go during the day so that she can take baby with her. The day BSF class will allow the baby to be with her until it's mobile and then it'll go into the nursery there. Eric will most likely go to the Monday night men's group again. We both love the teaching that we get with BSF and it helps us to be able to train ourselves to study the bible individually using just the bible! We both are working harder at creating a better devotional life for ourselves to help strengthen our walks. BSF is a great place to help that to happen.

Facebook Page
We have started Facebook group for those interested in following us on there. It's called "The Reeds Journey to Mission Aviation". On that page we'll try to keep people updated via Facebook on where we are at in the process. It's great because when we type something in there it gets sent to all the group members. This blog is actually on networked blogs on Facebook too. If you are on Facebook and want to get updated when we post new stuff on this blog click here. From there you should be able to join networked blogs and get updated every time we post via your Facebook page. Saves you from having to remember our blog address and checking all the time!

Once the baby is born after a few weeks we hope to have the new newsletter available for you to view. These past few months so much has happened and since it's been so long since we're written a letter we figured we might as well wait until the baby comes to introduce you to our little one. :) We am sure you'd want to meet him/her too! We are still debating about how many pictures to post on this website. We might post a few and direct you to our family website depending. We also might make that website password protected in the future so that only family, friends and supporters can view images of our baby for it's protection. We'll see though! One thing at a time!

Thanks so much for being faithful and following us! We appreciate your love, prayers and support! We'd also love to talk with you abourt our passion and our call in life. So feel free to contact us at and let us know if you have questions! Or find us on Facebook!

Eric and Kristine Reed

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