Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ten days...

Ten days might seem like an insignificant number to most people, but for us it is the exact number of days until we pack up and drive to MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) in Idaho for our Candidacy! What does Candidacy mean?

Well the easiest explanation I can figure is that for two weeks we meet with MAF and they go more over operations and tell us about the different countries and we get a full picture of their organization. Prayerfully during those two weeks we (Candidacy Committee and us) look at the options and see which is the best fit for our family/talents. Then if all goes well, we find out which country we're assigned with MAF and become official missionaries in their organization. Pretty amazing eh? After that we have some more trainings for a couple of weeks then it's on the road to share our story and our hearts with as many people as will listen to hopefully raise the support we need to go overseas.

These past few weeks I (Kristine) have been thinking about my friends and family and how blessed we are to have them in our lives. I thought about college friends whom I haven't seen in person in oh... three years and how wonderfully we are still in touch via the internet and phone. That got me thinking... a typical term for a MAF missionary is 3.5 years. It seems more and more doable with the fabulous technology we have these days. We can keep connected in each others lives even though we are oceans apart. Heck, we can even talk via video chat if the connection is good! That's almost like being in person. Quite a few steps forward from the letters from yesteryear. :)

We're having a house sitter while we're away and we have great alert neighbors so I know the house will be taken care of. In these ten days I'll be finishing up sewing projects and organizing the house so things are in order. When these ten days are over we'll be on the road starting the path in what will shape our entire life from that point forward. We prayerfully and faithfully walk forward, excited to see where God will lead us.

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Kelli @ Life in a Barn said...

How very exciting. I have been curious where you guys were in your journey. I have been keeping you and your family in our prayers. These ten days will fly by and you will be on your way. Good Luck and God Bless.