Thursday, July 21, 2011

We'll be serving in.....Indonesia! :)

It's been amazing how God is teaching us and stretching us during our time here at MAF headquarters in Nampa, Idaho. We've been learning more and more about MAF and the more we learn honestly the more we have a peace from God about going with this organization. In fact, they are starting to become like family to us. Especially the other candidates that are in our class and are living among us in the apartments located across from headquarters. It's been great to see them playing about and to see Jenna enjoying being with them. It does definitely give us strong hope for the future program/country we'll be in. What country is that?

Well many of you are connected with us via facebook and found out but for those that aren't connected via facebook personally or aren't a member of our "Reeds Journey to Mission Aviation" page, MAF is sending us to Indonesia! We'll find out where specifically in Indonesia the closer we get to going there. Many of you have asked questions (which we love!) as to when we're going to be leaving. Well to calm your hearts it's not immediately! After we complete our training in a couple of weeks we'll be going out and visiting with churches and people about what MAF is doing in Indonesia and how they can be a vital part of the ministry. We'll also finally have a little time to really visit and talk with a lot of you then to hear about what's happening in your lives as well! We'll have more details about that at a later date, but the goal is to raise 100 percent of support by this time next year. Then we'd head off to language school on the island of Java. :)

We are very excited about this assignment and about Indonesia! We'll give you more updates as we go through this process here. If any of you have any questions about this process please feel free to ask and we'll answer how we can.

The Reeds

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