Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On the MP trail..

Hello everyone!
It took us nearly 13 hours to get from Nampa, Idaho to Salem, Oregon but we did indeed make it! We made a few stops along the way to get out and stretch our legs. As you can imagine, having a very mobile eleven month old makes it difficult to travel far without getting out. But she's awesome in the car for the most part, so we are very blessed. We decided to stop near John Day to check out the Painted Hills part of the John Day Fossil park. It was pretty cool! (Pictures to follow soon!)

We got back to our home and saw long green grass in the front yard. Yes that's right, our reseeded lawn grew and grew while we were in Idaho! Now we can have a nice place to lay in the grass. For the past couple of days we had roofers come to re-roof our home. This was no easy task because they replaced the old shake roof with a composite shingle roof. The guys worked really hard and I think it came out well. (Photos to come soon as I can get on the other computer)

Jenna has been doing pretty well since being home. It's been hard for her not having as many kids around or other adults, plus at home she is confined to the living room to roam, so she's adjusting. Now that the roof is done I see many long walks together as a family wherever we are at. She loves to be outside and prefers it over any area of the house. She's definitely a little adventurer.

Now begins the task of sorting through our belongings, organizing our home and contacting friends, family and churches to seek partnership in ministry. This process is different for everyone, but averages around a year.

We are very excited about going to Indonesia and hope to get there by January 2013! Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world with over 85% of it's population practicing Islam. There is a great need there for MAF because a lot of the places in the jungle are remote and have no roads or really bad roads. Recently, MAF had the privilege to fly in the bibles for a bible dedication ceremony for the Kimyal people. This was the first time they'd had a bible in their own language. Here's a video of the celebration:

Isn't that amazing! God is working in the remote areas still! If you are interested in partnering with us in this amazing ministry please let us know! You can contact us at:

We'll update the pictures on this blog a little later but we wanted to get a short update out while we had a little time.

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