Friday, October 14, 2011

Back Again...

We are back here on good ole' blogger again for the time being. Yes, we love the fancy Wordpress site, but we just realized that we could do a lot of what thought we could only do on Wordpress, right here on this blog! Amazing. So for right now, we aren't switching sites and are staying put!

In other news, we had a wonderful time on our first trip to Washington State. We got to visit some wonderful friends and family and look forward to going back up there in a week or so. This was the first time Jenna had met many of our friends. It was fun to see her interact with our friends and the children that she met. She's a born traveler.

Right now we're back in Oregon and gearing up for our next trip to Washington. We are also resting a little bit. Jennavieve is teething and getting in her one year molars. She also has a slight cold and has been waking up A LOT at night. So prayers for her health are much appreciated.

We hope to update this website much more often. In the beginning of November be looking in your inboxes and mailboxes for our new newsletter! In it we'll let you know where we're at in the process and how you can help! If you are interested in joining us in ministry, we'd love to have you! Check out the pages above to see just how you'd like to partner with us in ministry.

The Reeds

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