Monday, December 5, 2011

Help change lives for less than $1 a day!

December is known as a season of giving. We give presents, cookies and good cheer. What if we gave a gift that could literally impact countless of lives? This December we are inviting you to join with us in the ministry of Mission Aviation Fellowship to Indonesia. We want to invite you to look into your daily lives to change one daily purchase and to give those funds towards ministry.

One example is a cup of coffee. Just giving up one specialty drink a week and choosing to have coffee at home saves approximately $5 a week, which means $20 a month could go towards ministry! Amazing! We know through giving ourselves that God often blesses us and teaches us more than we thought. We invite you to pray and to be open to God's leading and give according to that. No amount is too big or small if it's coming from a heart that longs to serve the Lord.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If you'd like more information about our ministry please contact us at: or call Eric at the number on the flier. We invite you to check out MAF's Indonesia program websites for Kalimantan: and Papua: You can also check out this video on Youtube to see how Papua, Indonesia has been impacted by MAF and partnering missions.

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