Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We'd love your prayers! :)

Hello Everyone!
        We are so blessed to know all of you. Everyone has been so positive and encouraging of us during this pause in our ministry with Mission Aviation Fellowship. Right now we're really seeking the Lord to see where He would have us be: Oregon, Washington or ?  We are praying for wisdom and direction on what jobs to apply for and which to continue to pursue. We'd love it if you could join with us in prayer for God's wisdom and provision during this time. We're praying for interviews and job opportunities too.

        Lately Jenna has been having issues sleeping again and a few days ago she had some fever. She's had a cold for a while and some stomach issues, although we're thinking now that the teething monster has reared it's ugly head again;. It's hard to tell because we can't exactly reach into her mouth like when she was younger, the girl bites and she bites hard! But after last nights escapade that cost us all but close to three hours of sleep, We're assuming that's the case. We'd love it if you could pray with us for healing for little Jenna, for wisdom for us as parents on how to help her, and maybe, if the Lord allows, for us to get more than three hours of sleep tonight!

          Thanks again for all your support. We really do appreciate each and every one of you. If you have any questions for us about our journey with MAF and what the future might hold, please feel free. We love you all!

Humbly in Christ,
The Reeds

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