Thursday, November 15, 2012


Lately I've noticed that this blog has had a serious lack of photos! Here's a post to remedy some of that. 

Jenna chasing goats at the Animal Farm this Summer.

We went to the Arlington Air show this year. It was Jenna's first air show and I think she did pretty well. She loved going in the helicopter and watching the airplanes fly. She also decided Mommy should wear a monkey hat. 

This summer is when Jenna started to get really interested in Daddy's airplane too. So Eric took her up for a ride. She wasn't so sure about that part, because she couldn't see out the window. But no tears! So that's a good sign.  

She loves it when Eric reads to her. 

This fall Jenna and I (Kristine) picked a lot of vegetables and fruit. Jenna seemed to like to eat it once she knew where it came from. Who could blame her? :) 

This fall took pictures in the Everett Arboretum. (Pretty sure that's not the actual name) Jenna cooperated for a couple of the shots. :) 

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