Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yes.... we know...

We haven't come out with a newsletter update yet because we've been finishing our Servant Wings Applications. They are 20 or so pages long and are in-depth. (Which is a good thing if you want to join a ministry) We can give you a small update in the mean time.....

Kristine is working at a preschool for autistic children in Beaverton and loving it! It's been a new challenge to learn more about autism and learn how to teach and reach these children, but very eye opening. You hear about autism on the news all the time, but there's no way you can fully understand it until you work with, or have, autistic children.

For the time being Kristine will be at this job. She has applied for a few different teaching positions, including the online teaching position with Connections Academy. Please join with us in prayer that she get one of these positions as it would definitely help us out financially when Eric has to quit his job in January.

We are still remodeling our home. We feel we have about a month's work left to do on the that's good! We are continuing to look for places to live in Newberg, Beaverton, Hillsboro and the surrounding areas. It kinda all depends on if Kristine is staying with the educational assistant job or is going to get a teaching job. We're glad we have a little cushion of time before we have to fully decide on this issue, prayers about this would be very appreciated!

Eric has been going to Servant Wings meetings and has been working on his instrument flight rating lately. More information that to come later!

We still are debating about whether to start a family now, or wait a year to do that. Having children is something we both desire! So much so that Kristine's been gathering different baby things for about a year or so now just to satisfy her baby needs haha. We want to be smart about it and not to have too many changes at once. We don't take having a child lightly, we know it's a lifetime commitment.

Well.... that's a pretty good update for now, more to come later.... probably in a couple of weeks realistically. :)

God Bless,
Eric & Kristine Reed

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Crompton Kiddos said...

Kristine, I did the same thing! I would buy baby clothes, blankets, toys, etc loooong before I even got pregnant or started trying to get pregnant! It definitely makes it worse in wanting a baby though (at least it did for me!) haha! I know it is a big decision for sure, but now that I'm living it...any time in your life is going to be busy and full of new decisions and tough times; but as long as you have love in your heart that little one will be so blessed to join your fam no matter what is going on in your life at the time! :) Glad to hear you like your job! Sounds challenging!