Saturday, October 4, 2008

New plans, same couple...maybe moving?

They say the best laid plans often get changed, and thus it's the way for us. We'll soon have the newsletter out and then after that shorter updates will come more regularly. Right now there are a lot of changes happening, so we are prayerfully considering our options.

Because of the Stock Market and economy, we don't have as much money in our "savings" as we originally thought we were going to have for Eric to be able to quit work and do schooling in Portland. Because of this we've been thinking of other options and paths we could take towards missions.

One of those options is to move to Michigan. I know what some of you are is moving to Michigan going to solve anything? Wouldn't that COST money? Well...yes and no. Ionia, Michigan has an A&P program that is only one year. It does cost more than the community college route, but with the affordable housing costs there, it would cost far less than renting in Oregon. This program is geared towards men who want to become missionaries so it would allow Eric to be in a supportive environment and to meet other guys who have the same calling as him.

It also would allow him to work another six months or so at Garmin, to be able to complete his flight ratings with Servant Wings and also to complete another course at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago because the Michigan A&P program wouldn't start until August 2009.

We'll see though, if the Lord blesses us financially to be able to have Eric quit work and go to school in Portland, we'll definitely do that route. If God has other plans, we want to keep being obediant to His calling for us to be missionaries and to not keep delaying it. Thus the Michigan option.

We'll see! Your prayers would be much appreciated as we seek God's guidance in our life!

Love in Christ,
Eric and Kristine Reed

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Crompton Kiddos said...

Wow! You two always have new adventures to seize. Michigan is one state though, that has terrible economic problems. And especially now with the economy tumbling into a recession I hope you would be able to find a stable area in that state!! Good luck with everything :)