Sunday, May 10, 2009

Prayer :)

Hello Everyone!
The May newsletter is coming out soon, but we'd love you to keep us in prayer about a few decisions.

For Kristine:

On Monday May 11th Kristine has a job interview with Sylvan Learning Center in Beaverton. Please pray that she presents herself in the best way possible both in appearance and clarity of speech during the interview questions.

Kristine also has a few job applications out there for teaching jobs. One being the Oregon Virtual Academy. Please keep her in prayer as those applications reach eyes that are going to decide whether to hire her or not. Just pray for the Lord's will in the decision making process and peace for Kristine no matter what happens.

The last prayer request for Kristine would be just for a peace and patience in these last few months of her job. Sometimes it gets hard to continue to work when you know the program you are in is probably going to change dramatically. There is a lot of negativity at work right now, so prayer that Kristine try to remain positive despite being surrounded by negative people would be awesome.

For Eric:

Eric is still working to complete his flight training. It would be awesome if you could pray that he stay consistent with his flying ability and consistent in training. Prayers for clarity of thought and clarity in ability during training would be great.

We'll have more on this in the next newsletter but Eric is considering changing his future missions pilot focus from Pilot/Mechanic to Pilot/IT (Informational Technology). He is exploring what classes he needs to take to complete the IT route and talking with MAF missions personnel to see which classes would best suit their current needs. So prayer that if this is the route that we are to go that he continue to have a positive response from missions personnel would be great. Again we'll have more about this later, but we thought we'd put a word out there.

For Both of Us:
We are still working on our house to get it ready to sell. We're making progress, but with classes and other things taking priority it's slow going. Prayer for motivation and planning to complete the rest of the repairs would be great!

We want YOUR help!
In June we will be distributing fliers to churches taking about the Northwest Mission Aviation Fly-In July 17-19th. Servant Wings helps to put this on annually and really would love a huge turn out so people can see, hear, know and maybe even become a part of missionary aviation in the future. We'd love your help in this! If you wouldn't mind we'd love to give you a flier to post at your church, at airports, colleges...wherever we can to help get the word out about this event. Soon we hope to have a short video clip even to show to churches about it too. If you think that you can help us out in this please contact us at: and we'll set something up. You don't have to live in Oregon or Washington to post a flier. Since this is a fly-in too technically people can fly-in from anywhere.

Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers, we really appreciate them!

Love in Christ,
Eric and Kristine Reed

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