Thursday, May 14, 2009

Small Update

We're going to try to keep this more updated!

An update on Kristine's job interview.. it went well overall. She won't find out more until later but she thought they liked her.

Eric's continuing to work on flight training for his instrument license.

Kristine has been sick lately with a cold. Yes..the sneezing, sniffling, stuffy head and runny nose type. She ended up taking a day off from school(she works at a school) to rest and hopefully get better. She would take normal meds, but since we're trying to get pregnant she's avoiding all meds. This of course makes colds last much longer, but in reality all the meds would do is to mask the symptoms so it's just as well.

That's kinda it on our updates...other than we are working on the house in-between other things. We're painting doors, molding, finishing the floors, and working on the bathroom. Fun stuff! Hopefully in June we'll list it. We know we've been saying that over and over again but with the two of us so busy it's been hard to complete the tasks unless the weather is good on the weekends. So prayers for that would be great!

God Bless,
Eric and Kristine

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