Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Interviews!

Kristine still is working at Macy's....but has two interviews next week for other jobs! One is on Tuesday and is for a secretary job at chemeketa in the social services/childcare dept and the other is on Wednesday for a preschool teaching position!

Please say a special prayer for her schedule to work out for Wednesday's interview! She has it at 8am but then has a teaching interview observation scheduled for 1pm that day. This was fine when she wasn't working that day....unfortunately last night her boss scheduled her to work 12-5pm that day! Yikes! She didn't notice it until she got home.

Today (Saturday) she is going to talk with a manager to see whether she can switch with someone or give someone else that shift so she can go to the interview. Pray that she have the wisdom to know how to talk with her manager about it, and that God help her manager be receptive to what she's asking!

We'll let you know how it goes tonight!

Kristine and Eric Reed

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