Monday, November 16, 2009

November Update

It's been hard to remember to keep the blog updated, but we are going to try to do it as often as we can!

Kristine got a job at Macy's as an on-call associate for the holiday season. It's not a glamorous job...but it helps pay the bills. Right now she's in training mode and trying to do her job as best as possible. There's a lot of things to learn, and she gets to learn them quickly!

We both are working hard to complete our NT Survey class by mid-December. It's a lot of material that we have left to cover, but we are hopeful that we can complete it.

Eric is working on TWO classes at PCC this quarter to gain experience in the IT field. These classes are both networking classes. He's trying hard to juggle work, bible class, school and other commitments to be able to get everything done. So far, by the grace of God, he's been doing well but as the quarter ends it's crunch time prayers that he be able to be focused and complete things is essential.

For those who still our house isn't on the market yet. With everything going on right now the house is kinda taking a back seat while we get other things done. All we need left is painting, moulding and some yard work. Well and maybe some work on the master bath floor (we've got the materials, just haven't completed it yet). So prayers for timing and such with this would be great.

We really appreciate the thoughts and prayers of those of you who have chosen to support us this way. We also appreciate those of you who have decided to help us out financially with training costs associated with us getting ready for missions. There are always more costs than we realize, so your support is definitely appreciated. If you would like to sign up to support us financially or through prayer we'd love to talk with you! Either give us a call...or e-mail us at:

Love in Christ,
Eric and Kristine Reed

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