Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's been a while...

As I sit here reading other blogs, I realized that we haven't blogged in quite a while! Here's a small update:

Eric is still working on his tech classes at PCC. Hopefully this spring he'll get up in an airplane to get more flight hours. He still needs around 10 more hours to meet MAF requirements.

I have been working as a temp teacher for math and historyat the Christian School since Jan 25th and it's been great. It's a 5-7th grade class and I've learned a lot about planning for multiple grades. I also realized that I really do like teaching math. History is interesting, but I am not the best at it. I try my hardest though!

I've also been tutoring with Sylvan Learning Center. I thought this would be the easier job, but man was I wrong! I've had to deal with difficult students and lots of other issues. At least it's only three days a week for an hour. I can make it through that!

Eric and I have been going to BSF classes on Monday nights and really enjoying it. It's been nice to have a structured bible study to go to. We still love and enjoy our Saturday night group because we can go together and the people are great. BSF has been good because it's looking at a bible in a different way than we have before. It will also count towards our bible credits! Yay!

Baby is doing well. He/She is due Sept 4, 2010. The pregnancy is still a dream to me. Other than waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and my abdomen growing, it's been hard to tell that I am pregnant. Praise God! :)

On a continued note, as I've been looking at blogs and reading up about what's happening in the world and it really has solidified the call I continued to feel to serve overseas. I can picture my husband working in an MAF hangar with tech equipment and flying people and supplies to where they need to go. I can picture myself going out into the community to teach and reach the lost as well as raising our kids with Eric to care for others, live for Christ, and appreciate different cultures.

The amazing thing to think about is, in October is our tech eval. If we do well there and they think we are ready, we could be invited to candidacy in January 2011 or July 2012. If they accept us, we'll be well on our way to being missionaries with MAF.

We plan on sending out a newsletter in April when we find out the gender of our baby and have an updated photo. Those of you who haven't gotten a Christmas card, most likely will get an update of our newsletter in the "Christmas" card. :) Please keep us in prayer!

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