Wednesday, March 17, 2010


In hopes of keeping you all up to date, we are going to update this blog fairly often, well as often as we can!

We want to remind you that most of the family news and baby news right now will be posted on our other blog: There fairly regularly you can go and read what's happening regarding the baby. :) We'll keep it updated with pictures as we get them and every week we'll post an update on where the baby is (or could be at) in development and an illustration of that.

Right now I (Kristine) am looking for another job. The temp position at the Christian school ended, which is a good thing because it means the person I was taking over for has recovered enough to teach again Praise God! I knew there'd be an ending sometime so I am only sad that I'll miss the school and the kids. But it was great experience for me and helped me know about a great school! I am still tutoring with Sylvan Learning Center a couple hours a week, so I am still involved with kids. Even though tutoring is proving harder and more frustrating at times.

Starting March 31st I am taking an ESOL class with WOU (Western Oregon University). I need to take 4.5 credits to keep my teaching degree. From what I hear, it's better to try to maintain and keep your degree than to let it go and try to get it back again. It does mean that we have to pay out of pocket for my education right now since I am not employed in a district. That's kind of a hard thing to take, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

Eric is hoping to take a break after this current quarter (Winter) so he can work on the house stuff and focus on airplanes more. We think this will work out better for us so we can finally get the house into a sell-able state. Yay! Then we can figure out life from there. In October we have the tech eval and that will help us and MAF know whether we are ready for candidacy or not.

So big things this year! We are excited about the journey!

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