Thursday, April 8, 2010

MAF Application

We received our MAF application via e-mail a few days ago! It's exciting to finally be at this point in the process. We plan on filling it out and seeing if we make it to the next steps in the process. We aren't sure yet if Eric will have all of the necessary IT requirements, but if he doesn't he'll just take more courses until he does!

Kristine is just tutoring right now but continues to apply for and interview for different jobs in the school district. It's her hope to get a job that she can work at until the end of June.

Right now the baby stuff is going well. Next week on April 16th we find out the gender of our baby. We are excited to start calling our little one by name. So far we have a crib and a changing table that we got for deals at random places. It's an exciting time. :)

That's the update for now....but getting an application is huge thing!

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