Monday, May 17, 2010

MAF Applications SENT!

Today we officially e-mailed our applications to MAF. We didn't know that we could do that until Perry mentioned it last night at the Servant Wings meeting and our friend Nan (who also applied to MAF) confirmed it. :) So this first step is now complete! Next we wait for them to review the application, check references and then potentially send us more materials to complete for the next step in the process.

Quick update on where we are at:

  • She has her last day of tutoring with Sylvan today. After this she'll officially be unemployed unless she can get a few sub jobs. We knew that this day would come, so we aren't worried. We are just budgeting a bit more these days. :)
  • She is continuing to take classes at WOU to renew her license in August. She's almost done with her ESOL linguistics class. In June she'll take a "Making Music with Digital Tools" and "Digital Storytelling" class.
  • Figured out his magnetic compass problem (Part of the plane is magnetized) for his airplane! He just had to move it two feet in a different direction and it's pretty dead on now. He will get it inspected in June and hopefully not have too many things to fix so he can get up flying in it again!
  • He hopes to soon fly the 206 again with Servant Wings to build those last few hours for MAF before October. (If you are interested in helping contribute to the cost of this training, let us know!)
Baby Reed:
  • We still don't have a definite gender yet, but they really think the baby's going to be a girl. So we're going with that and if it proves true, her name will be Jennavieve.
  • Baby is right on track with growth and looks great in all areas. We go in for an ultrasound on Tuesday so that the techs can hopefully get the pictures of the heart they need. Prayer for this would be great! :)
So there's a small update. We hope to get the newsletter out soon! It might take a back seat to Kristine's school work in the next week, but it WILL come out. :)

Eric and Kristine Reed

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