Friday, July 23, 2010

July 23, 2010 Update

Wow, it's been a while since we've posted. We were hoping to get a newsletter done....but we've been super busy lately. Here's what's new with the Reeds:

New Tech Eval Date
Perhaps the most significant change with us is that we've changed our tech eval date from October 2010 to April 18-29, 2011. We did this for many reasons, here are a few:
1) The baby is due Sept 4, right in the middle of the training schedule Servant Wings had set for Eric to prep for the tech eval.
2) Our baby is due! As new parents we'll still be adjusting to the new lack of sleep schedule. For the tech eval it's super important for Eric to be on top of his game so that they get an accurate picture of his skills. With a tiny baby around, it would be hard for him to focus because of the lack of sleep.
3) Did I mention our baby? We are new parents and need time to be able to learn how to be effective parents. By waiting a little longer and rescheduling the tech eval, we'll have a few months under our belt to get used to the lack of sleep and to develop routines. By April we should have things figured out to be able to put our best foot forward as a family.

There are other reasons....but those are the main reasons!

Eric Update
Since moving the tech eval date Eric's had more time to focus on finishing up the repairs on his hiperbipe and hopes to fly it soon! He also now plans on proceeding towards earning his CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) certificate between now and April. This is something he's wanted to do for a while, so this extra time will allow him to do that!

Kristine Update
The pregnancy has been going well with Kristine. It's really been a blessing so far. Every day she feels our baby move and kick and we are thankful every day we have with this little one. The weeks are counting down until the birth of the baby! She's been organizing the house and figuring out which baby things we still need. She's also been trying hard to visit with friends while she can drive.

Most of the pregnancy updates are found on our baby blog : if you'd like more info on that, please feel free to check it out! She keeps it updated pretty regularly.

Financial and Prayer Update
We are looking for people to partner with us financially and through prayer in ministry. There's no way that we can make it to the field without the support of wonderful people like you! If you are interested in helping us out towards training costs or praying for us, please feel free to e-mail us at . We'd love to chat with you!

New Newsletter and Following Us!
The new newsletter will probably come out either in late August once the baby prep is done, or after our baby is born to show you a picture of our little one! We encourage you to choose a method to the right of following us. There are a few options:
1) Networked Blogs: Our blog is on Facebook's Networked blogs. When we update and you have a Facebook account, you'll automatically get updates.
2) Google Reader/Friend Connect: If you add this an update will be sent to your Google Reader Account.
3) Blogger: Many people that have blogs can add a particular blog to "follow".

I am sure there are other methods...but those are the main ones. If you need help please contact us and we'll hook you up with a method to follow our website! We'll try to update this with new pictures soon!

Eric and Kristine Reed

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