Friday, September 30, 2011

How to get to Indonesia as a MAF missionary 101

Lately it seems we’ve been establishing a new drum beat to our lives since we returned from Mission Aviation Fellowship. We have been officially accepted by the board as new missionaries assigned to Indonesia. Eric will be a pilot/information technology specialist and Kristine hopes to be involved in the local community as much as possible with Jennavieve. We are very excited for this assignment because we’ve had Indonesia on our hearts for a while and it’s a blessing to have that calling confirmed.

Some of you have asked us when we’re going to Indonesia. Some think we have already jumped on the plane and are over there. We’d like to explain a little about the process to help clear up confusion.

Where in Indonesia will you go?

We know we are assigned to Indonesia, but will find out when we are closer to getting there where specifically we are assigned. MAF has nine bases in Indonesia: Manokwari, Merauke, Nabire, Palangka Raya, Sentani, Aceh, Tarakan, Timika and Wamena. No matter where we are assigned, we are still serving in Indonesia and wherever we are assigned, we’ll serve the needs of those people. We do know that we will attend language school on the island of Java.

What will you do once you get there?

First we will be focusing on learning the language and culture of Indonesia at our language school on the island of Java. Then depending on where we are assigned after that, we’ll help with the specific needs of the people there. Eric will be a pilot/information technology specialist. This means daily he flies people and supplies into and out of remote areas and he also will help with computer needs and setting up satellite phone and internet connections. Kristine will be at home with Jennavieve but hopes to get involved in the community as much as she can with Jennavieve to build relationships and to see what needs the community has. Before we can even get to Indonesia, we need to go through a process called, “Deputation”.

Deputation (14-16 months or less)

We are currently still in the United States. From the time we left Nampa, Idaho we’ve been in a period called, “Deputation”. This is the time period before going overseas where missionaries raise support. Mission Aviation Fellowship requires us to raise full support before leaving for Indonesia. Currently we are raising $7200/month and a significant amount in outgoing expenses. The monthly amount goes towards a multitude of things including (but not limited to): housing, health care, taxes, living expenses..etc). We have a more detailed sheet for those interested. During this time we also need to sell our house and our airplane, get the paperwork completed for our Visas as well as take care of other fun details such as vaccinations. The sooner we get this accomplished, the sooner we get to the field.

  • Currently we are looking for both prayer and financial partners in ministry. There are also other ways that you can join in and support us. Check the “Join Our Team” page for more information.

Standardization and Orientation (Three Months)

When we reach full financial support (or close to it), we head back to MAF headquarters in Nampa, Idaho to do a three month training. This is when Eric will get more specific training to MAF standards. Included is mountain flying and training to the level of precision required to operate safely on some of the most challenging airstrips out there. Kristine will learn how to make a few things from the basics, which will be good practice for when we are in Indonesia. We’ll also get a little bit of cultural training as well during this time. When we are finished with this, if we are at full support and have our paperwork finished, we head to language school in Salatiga, Indonesia on the island of Java.

Language school and finally in our assigned program

We will go to a language school on the island of Java for about eleven months to learn the Indonesian Language. Once we are there we will also purchase any other items that we need for our new home in Indonesia and ship them to our program. After we are done, then we’ll be in our program.

Hope that clears up a little confusion. We would love to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to e-mail us at: and check out the other pages on this website on the top right corner of your screen.

Right now we’d love to meet with YOU

We would love to meet with you to talk with you more about what MAF is doing in Indonesia and you can be a part of it too. Please e-mail us if you are interested in setting up a time to meet. E-mail us at

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