Friday, September 23, 2011

She's number one!

Our baby girl Jennavieve turned one year old September 12th! It was a day filled with fun and friends. I made lemon cake balls with cream cheese frosting and covered them with chocolate frosting. She dove into the cake like a champ and got it all over her!

Lately she is walking everywhere and really prefers it that way. Only if there's a really scary walking area then she'll choose to crawl. But right now she walks, and walks well. You see that baby chair strapped to the dining chair in the picture? Typically it is on the floor in the living room and often she is seen sitting in it. She still chews on most everything she gets in her hands and finds a lot of things around the house that we forget are there. So she keeps us on our toes!

Right now she's not saying many words, but we are certain her first word is, "Uh Oh". At first we weren't sure where she got it, but then Eric remembered that he used to play a game where he'd pick her up and gently toss her on the bed so she'd bounce and before that he'd say "Uh Oh". So we think she got it from there.

She's at a fun age though now because she is more mobile, loves to clap and loves to share things with us. Many a time she can be found handing us different toys, snacks...etc around the house that she finds. She also follows us most everywhere we go and tries to copy what we do. I (Kristine) would say I love this age MUCH better than the age she was a year ago. I love when kiddos develop their personalities. It's so much fun.

Yesterday we went to the zoo with some friends. Jenna had a blast. Here are some of our favorite pictures:

As you can of the animals is native to Indonesia! We took a good long look at this animal and decided that we never want to run into it! :) We are so enjoying this stage of Jenna's development and hope to be the best parents we can be while we have to travel around to raise ministry partners so we can get to our new home away from home! :)

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