Thursday, May 17, 2012

Moving Onward....

God sure has a way of waking us up to the fact that HE is the one in charge and it's HIS plan that matters, not our own. This past few months have been a major transition for us. We go from being almost certain what God has in mind for our future, to have it completely turned upside down and sideways in a different direction. We don't know whether this direction is merely a loop back to the original trail or is a different path all together, time will tell. 

All I (Kristine) can say is that this is where we are supposed to be for this moment and this day in time. We've both felt such a peace about being up here. Eric is enjoying his work and I've already found a few mom's groups via meetup to hang out with. There are several people in the area that we know, many from when I lived in Washington before, but also Eric's sister is close to us as well. Previous to this we only got to see her maybe once or twice a year. 

We are continuing to work on the things we need to accomplish to feel ready for MAF again. Right now our priority is getting our Oregon home on the market and sold. So on weekends we head down there to work on it. We're making progress, but it might take a few more weekends of driving down there. After it's listed then we can finally start to find a church around our Washington home. Then we'll work on other things once that is taken care of.

One thing we have learned is that this is a process. There is no clear cut path to the finish. While it would have been nice for it to be that way, that's not how God intended it to be. I can already see how our experience with MAF has helped me tremendously to be more outgoing. I've already met a few of our neighbors, as I mentioned before I joined a few mom's groups and I am being more forward in talking to moms on the playground. Does this sound like me? I guess it's the new me. The one God is transforming, pretty cool eh? It's not without prayer let me tell ya! 

I need to go watch a show before Jenna wakes from her nap. If I can get on tonight I hope to post pictures of our place and other pictures from our time here. Our main laptop is down again, which is why I haven't posted any photos from my actual camera. Although, my phone camera is pretty cool. :) 

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