Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Washington Residents

We're officially residents of Washington state. I know this may not seem like a big deal, but for me (Kristine) it's nice to be back "home". Right now I am trying to navigate life as a stay at home Momma to a toddler while Eric works full time. It's definitely not easy, especially since this is my first born child. I barely get time to blog let alone research everything I am supposed to do to prepare her. Fortunately for me, she's one bright little lady and somehow, by the grace of God, she's learning things. 

She can identify animals, letters, body parts (head, eyes, nose, knees...), loves to color, loves to read and is a whiz with electronics...all at 20 months.  The teacher in me wants a curriculum to follow, some way to navigate our days so that the mornings aren't spent watching Sesame Street and the afternoons aren't spent with ample toys on the floor with no direction. I'm working on it, but sometimes she's quicker, heck most times she's quicker than me. I think that's the hard part about being a stay at home momma, you don't have time to research what you are supposed to do, you just do it. 

On a different note, we're making progress on the house in Oregon. After painting the past couple of weekends I definitely realize why people have painting parties. Painting takes FOREVER. Seriously. I feel like I barely accomplished anything when I painted for six hours. But we're pressing forward. We are really hoping to list it most likely by the end of June, if not sooner. It's just hard to work on things when you only have the weekends. 

It's been interesting watching and praying for those that were in the same class with us at MAF continue on with  building their ministry teams and getting closer to going overseas. We think about how we could have been at that point too, and get a little sad sometimes, but then remember that God has a plan for us. We have not a clue what it is, but we're trying to seek Him to figure it out. We hope it's still eventually going overseas with MAF, and we're working towards that still, but we're trying to be open in case God wants us elsewhere more. 

It reminds me of something I heard in regards to finding your "soul mate". A lot of us feel there is only one match out there for us. Like one person in the universe that would work well with our personality, and that person is who we are to marry and somehow we have to find them. No other person will do. In reality, there are many people that would work well with us, it's finding the person that fits best. I feel this is the same with ministry. There are many ministries that we may fit us well, but it's finding the specific ministry that fits us best so that we can continue to carry out God's purpose for our lives, that's the goal. 

We hope to update this blog frequently with family happenings as well as ministry stuff. So keep on checking back! We just get little spurts to be able to update here and there. Hopefully soon we will have a few pictures. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers, we do appreciate them! 

The Reeds

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