Monday, March 11, 2013

A little update...

I realized we haven't posted on this blog in a little while. I (Kristine) have been updating my baby blog (This Little Life in Mine) more regularly because there's more going on over there. This week we're hoping to sign on a house in Washington, the first house Eric and I are owning and picked out together. It's quite a huge step and sometimes can be a scary one. We don't know what the future holds, but we know for now, it involves purchasing this house.

God has led us on one crazy journey so far in our married life, and it's sure not over yet. With this house we hope to utilize our next few years hosting events, baby showers, kiddo parties, maybe even bible studies... you name it. God's blessed us with a house that has a large downstairs so we hope to utilize it to the fullest. First thing's first, moving in there. If all goes well, we hope to sign this week, get the keys and move in this weekend. We know that things happen and it might not happen exactly according to what we think, but we're thankful that we have family in the area and that the house isn't too far from where we are currently renting. This move should go a lot smoother than our 4.5 hour one way move. :)

What's next after this? Well we hope to get involved in our church more and join a bible study group. Then continue to grow individually in our walks and together in our faith. We plan on strengthening up some weaknesses we had during the ministry partnership phase with MAF through counseling around here and continue to be the best parents we can be for Jenna. When people hear of counseling they automatically think the marriage is in trouble. I clarified this before, but just in case some of you are just tuning in, we're doing fine and our marriage is fine, we just would like some extra communication tools to use when we are working with each other and raising a family 24/7. The best way to do that is to get an outside perspective on things, which is through counseling/coaching. We're quite excited about it, now to figure out a sitter so we can do it and Jenna can have fun while we're out.

Things are still up in the air as to when we'll rejoin MAF. We have a timeline in mind that we both are thinking of, but we're waiting and seeing what the Lord wants from us in these next couple of years. He could turn us in a very different direction, although we both feel a strong pull towards overseas missions so we aren't sure what direction he would be changing. :)  In the mean time, we're focusing on the here and now and accomplishing what we need to accomplish to be the best people we can be. :)

My daughter is pulling at my arm to come and play, so I'd better go. Update with more later!

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