Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another job opportunity.... (Kristine)

So I got a call today from K12, an online teaching job! I haven't signed contracts yet for the para job... so there's still hope.

I did a phone interview with them and they'll call next week if they want to do an in-person interview. I should find out either way in two weeks.

I figure that's enough time to hold out on signing a contract. If I got this k12 job then I would be able to teach from home, save tons of money on commuting, and even raise my children from home. Which is a BIG plus! It would also give me valuable training that could be used in future missions.

We'll see what God wants... I am pretty open!

1 comment:

Crompton Kiddos said...

WOW congrats! What a perfect job teaching from home! When you have kids that would work out great!! :)
Also, my husband's uncle lives in Africa and flies planes for something similar to what you and your husband are working towards. Very cool!
By the way, love your blog, keep updating, I love cyber stalking :)