Saturday, July 19, 2008


Yes that's right...because of Kristine's job, Eric's schooling and Servant Wings we will be moving further North most likely to Hillsboro, OR. We are pretty excited about this, but we need to sell our house first. To do that... we have a little work left to do. Here are some things we are working on:

-Finishing the hardwood flooring in the hallway
-Replacing the old bathroom flooring in the main bathroom
-Painting the Bathroom
-Finishing to paint the bedroom
-Replacing the kitchen flooring
-Jacking up the post in the back to level the roof
-Fixing up the back deck
-Replacing the shake roof with a new contemporary one.
(If you have any suggestions for roofers let us know!)
- Fixing up the back shed
-Cleaning up the yard. (We have many overgrown bushes that need to be pruned)
-Replacing the garage door (Maybe)
-Painting the house (Maybe, the color is UGLY!)
-Painting and placing moulding around the floor and doors

Those are some things we are working on. If you would like to help in a certain area, please let us know! We'd love help to get these things done ASAP so we can list the house and move to Hillsboro by January or soon after.

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