Monday, July 28, 2008

Job Update (Kristine)

We've talked a lot about the pros and cons of the online teaching job versus the paraeducator job. We've also prayed about it some and we feel that at this time in our life, the job that works best with where we are at now is the paraeducator job. Kristine feels a peace about the para job, and hasn't felt a peace about the online opportunity. Kristine hasn't gotten a call for an in-person interview yet, but we felt we needed to talk about it and decide before the call did or did not come. Now that might seem like a step back to some people that know that Kristine's been applying for an actual teaching job for a while, but we feel this is where God wants Kristine to be.

This fall we are focusing strongly on getting the house ready for the move and finding a new place to live in Hillsboro, Oregon. Kristine's paraeducator schedule would allow her more time to work on the house during these critical months. It also allows us to visit friends and family and to go to the fly-ins and other events we want to do this year. So really it's perfect for where we are right now, and God knew that all along!

Maybe in the future God will present the opportunity again for Kristine to teach online, but right now she's excited to learn more about autistic children, to work with some fabulous co-workers and to trust God with our future and finances.

More updates to come! The next update will be our newsletter. We are waiting until after this weekend to send it out so we can update you on how Eric's flight test went. Thanks for all your love and support!


Michael & Claudine said...

Thank you Lord. God is faithful. I will be excited to get the newsletter and to hear about Eric's testing. Keep us posted as to prayer needs.
Michael & Claudine

Crompton Kiddos said...

I hope that works out for you Kristine!! Sounds like a great plan that will fit you both. Good luck!