Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's Tech Eval time!

Yes indeed, we are in Nampa, Idaho for our Mission Aviation Technical Evaluation. We'll be here approximately a week and a half. During this time Eric will be evaluated on his flight knowledge and skills (written and practical), we'll be evaluated by a psychologist, meet with the board, get to know several MAF staff and talk about our IT (Informational Technology) and Teaching skills. At this end of this evaluation we'll know if we have passed this step in the process and can proceed further. It's a huge deal!

We are praying for God's will in this. As many of you know this has been on our hearts for a long time. With Kristine she's felt called to be a missionary for years. Eric's also wanted to use the skills God gave him in flying, programming and technology to serve for years as well. We're going to work hard and try our best to pass. If we don't pass, then God has other plans. It could mean we should try again or it could mean that we need to look into a different organization to serve with. God is the only one who knows. And we are actually content with that. If we do pass we'll be invited back to Nampa, Idaho to do a longer training.

So that's the basic information. Here's where our story begins... several hours ago in Salem, Oregon.

We both stayed up super late the night before packing and making sure that we had everything we needed. Kristine worked on a few last minute sewing projects and Eric worked on compiling all his required flight materials for the evaluation. We got to bed really late that night and woke up a few hours later to leave for Nampa, Idaho where MAF headquarters is located.

Taking the I-84 route seemed the fastest and easiest. Plus Kristine had already figured out places to stop for food along the way that seemed safe. It was a long trip but Jenna did pretty well. We stopped in Hood River to eat at Bette's Place. The food was good, reasonably priced and Jenna did great there. We put her in a high chair for the first time at a restaurant and she decided to make it her own and lounge in it. (Pictures will come later) It was pretty funny. She dumped a glass of ice water all over the table. That was not so funny. After we ate and had a good break we were on our way.

We stopped at a rest stop after a few hours and had some fun. We can't remember which one it was but Jenna got a good break. (Photos to come later) Also we swear she has red hair.... sometimes it's hard to see but I got it perfectly in the sunlight during this rest stop.

After this rest stop it was time for me (Kristine) to drive. I think we were getting near Pendleton at this point. The Sun was shining and we were doing great. Then...out of no where it seems...the rain started. It poured and poured on the road. Which is not quite nice when you have semi-trucks all around you! A few times I couldn't see the road! To make matters worse, since we are getting close to having to replace the tires, the car was hydroplaning on the road! I was feeling tired before, but not anymore! The fact that I REALLY had to pay attention to what I was doing or else we'd go off a cliff or crash with another car or just get into an accident myself woke me up. I was so afraid! Going around curves and not knowing if the car was going to hold it or not. Believe me a lot of prayers were said. It was by the grace of God that we're here. :)

After a while Jenna woke up again and we decided to stop in Baker's City. We stopped at Sumpter Junction restaurant. I really don't think we would have stopped here had I not researched it. It sounded like a fun place. They have a little model train running on a track around the restaurant. It was fun. Jenna liked it there and liked watching the train. The waitress wanted to hold Jenna and she didn't look scary, so I said okay. :) (Pictures of this part of the trip to come later)

We got back in the car and made it to Nampa! We got into our MAF apartment and it's really nice. They have apartments at their headquarters for missionary families who have to do training or are back home on furlough. They let us use one apartment during our technical evaluation time. We are very thankful they let us because it makes the costs a lot less than what they would have been had we stayed in a hotel. Plus living here for a week or so lets us meet other people who are here during our stay too. We've met a few other couples, one who's due with a little one any day now! It's been fun.

Tomorrow we have an introductory meeting with the committee and Eric starts his flight eval process. Please join with us in praying for 1. Sleep (Jenna has to adjust to being in a new place and we have to adjust to her adjustments!) 2. Clarity of Speech and the most important 3. God's will.

The Reed's

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