Monday, January 16, 2012

Obstacles abound, but we press on!

A steep runway in Kalimantan, Indonesia
It's amazing the closer you get to God, the harder yet clearer things become. We've been finding this true over the past few months. We know this is a time of refinement, for the task to which we have been called is great. Serving the Lord in full-time ministry is not what the enemy wants. It's the exact opposite. Therefore, there WILL be trouble, there WILL be discouragement. The good news is, that Jesus has overcome these obstacles (John 16:33) and He is the hope that gets us through them.

Lately we've had a string of things fail on us: We got rear ended by a semi-truck at a stoplight in town. We are safe, our car's bumper needs to be replaced though. We are slated to get that taken care of next week. Our car's touch screen went out and had to be replaced. Soon after we replaced this, our 12v battery went out in the car as well. (Thank the Lord the car died at a gas station VERY close to our home.) We've replaced it and now it's working well. But it's interesting that our car would be such a target. The very thing that helps us get to meetings and destinations to share our ministry with Mission Aviation Fellowship.

We just replaced the battery and now our furnace in the house is starting to fail and we'll likely need to replace this. Coming into the winter months, replacing this is definitely a must. Our kitchen sink is also in need of replacement, but we're holding out as long as we can. We're kinda waiting on pins and needles to see what else starts to fail around the house. It's been our goal to finish up projects on the house by the end of February so we can sell our house. Lately it's been one delay after another. We may need to ask for help to get everything finished. We'll see though!

There have been other obstacles we faced and are still facing, but are are pressing on. We know God's called us to this ministry. It's amazing to see how the unique gifts He's given both of us fit so well with missionary aviation. Right now we're working on sharing the ministry of Mission Aviation Fellowship as many people as we can so that they may join with us in ministry.

     Do you know someone who might want to hear about MAF? A friend, relative, teacher...etc?  If so, we'd love to speak with them to share our hearts and get to know them. We are looking for many people to join our team, we cannot do this ministry by ourselves. In fact, without others joining our team financially and through prayer, we will not make it to Indonesia. We'd love for you to prayerfully consider partnering with us in ministry. There are many ways to partner. We invite you to click on the tabs above on our blog (Partner through prayer, partner through giving and other ways to partner) and pray about whether God is calling you to join our team.

        Thank you again for your prayers and support. We are very blessed to have such friends and family interested in our family's life and our ministry.

 The Reeds

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